Helena Pot in Rose + Saucer by Bergs Potter

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Clay pearling along Helena’s top edge gives this pot a soft and classic look.

North of Rome lies the small town of Di Bolzena, a place once filled with potters and the home of Robert Rosso. Taking inspiration from ancient Greek Designs, Rosso created the Helena Pot, which was popular throughout the 1800s. There’s been a recent rebirth of interest in the classic design, and Tuscan potters are now making it again.

About Bergs Potter:

If your plants could speak, they would tell you that there’s nothing better than a quality clay pot. Proper drainage gives their roots room to breathe, and superior clay holds in the moisture they need.

The clay is fired at very high temperatures, giving the pots a natural strength and a special treatment ensures that our saucers are completely waterproof, making our pots suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The high density of the clay, makes the pots frost resistant and allows air to the roots and retain moisture due to the superlative quality of the clay, thus giving plants the optimum growth conditions.

Plant size recommendations:

3.9" fits a 2" or 3" grow pot

4.7" fits a 4" grow pot

5.5" fits a 4" grow pot (may be a bit large)

5.5" (Tall Rose Pot) is a taller version of the 5.5". Perfect for an orchid or something with height.

7.1" fits a 6" grow pot

6.3" fits a 6" grow pot

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