Large Double Stem White Orchid in Simona Pot

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All plants will have multiple blooms and are double stemmed as shown. These blossoms can be expected to last anywhere between 1 - 3 months, making a beautiful gift that will look beautiful much longer than a cut flower arrangement.

Orchids get a reputation of being a tricky plant to care for, but in fact, they are some of the easiest! We recommend watering your orchid once every 2-3 weeks and leaving in a nice, bright spot. Similar to succulents, these plants are best left to their own devices!

Our large orchids are potted up in Berg's Potter Simona pot. Simona is a romantic Parisian pot that we imagine has appeared in countless French homes since the peak of its popularity in the 1820s-1860s. It was first created in Paris’ Latin Quarter, but—alas!—the original artist’s name remains a mystery. Years ago, the Bergs Potter team spotted this delightful pot in the midst of a flea market in Montmartre. Today it is made by their Tuscan potters.

All of the Bergs Potter pots have drainage holes at the bottom and come with a saucer, so they are perfect to go both indoors and outdoors.

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