Succulent 2" Assorted

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The best part about these succulents is that they are best left to their own devices, and would really prefer not to be bothered. Find a nice bright spot for them (doesn’t have to be direct sun), and enjoy! 

We recommend leaving the plant inside its grow pot (the plastic pot it comes in). Water through the drainage holes in the bottom by placing the plant in a bowl of water, or stopping up your sink, allowing the plant’s roots to soak up what they need. No joke, you only need to water these once every 3 or so weeks (when the soil is dry enough that it pulls away from the side of the grow pot).  When in doubt, this plant would prefer to be underwatered, rather than overwatered.  No misting for these plants, since their leaves are filled with water, they will begin to rot if exposed to too much water. Think about where they grow: the dessert!

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